Go where the best ingredients grow

From the vanilla farms of Madagascar to the truffle-filled forests of Europe, Sapna Foods is your direct line to the world’s finest edibles.

The world is your garden

What global delicacy are you dreaming of? If you have an ingredient from a specific location in mind, odds are we already have it covered. If we don’t, no problem—our passports are ready. We’ll go where you need us to be, find the best possible grower and have your ingredient on its way to your door in no time.

Our global sources

Respect the hand that feeds you

Without skilled farmers around the world, we wouldn’t have a product to sell. That’s why strong relationships are the foundation of our business. We work directly with the growers themselves, getting to know them and ensuring they’re the ones to reap the rewards of the sale.

Competitive prices, guaranteed

There’s another upside to our approach: Because we’ve cut out any middlemen between harvest and import, we can promise you’re getting the most competitive price available. Want an estimate?
 Just ask our team.

What can we do for you?

Any ingredient. Any spec. Any location. When you work with us, anything is possible. Contact us today to discuss your specialty food needs.