Create your perfect flavor

Ground Peppers, Truffle Powder, Poultry Seasoning and more. You dream it, we blend it.

Three ways to build your blend

Custom Formulas

Whole beans, extracts, paste and more—brought to you by five-star makers from Madagascar to the United States.

Existing Recipes

If you already have a recipe locked down, great. We can take it from paper to powder quickly and accurately, at a competitive price.

Reverse Engineering

Working backwards? We can do that, too. Bring us an existing product you love and we’ll clone the blend, as if by magic.

We’re more than machinery

There’s an art to getting your custom truffle blend for your mac ‘n cheese just right. That’s why we provide not only the equipment you need, but the culinary expertise, too. Our classically trained chef has created hundreds of unique flavor blends—applied to everything from potato chips to pork chops—and would be delighted to help develop yours.

What can we do for you?

Any ingredient. Any spec. Any location. When you work with us, anything is possible. Contact us today to discuss your specialty food needs.