Meet your custom milling experts

Any ingredient, any mesh size. We’ll work with you to create the perfect grind.

Because ingredients are never one-size-fits-all

We know that in the culinary world, size matters. Even an incremental change in mesh size will influence the taste and texture of your product. You can trust us to create a custom milling approach to ensure you get the final result you’re looking for.

If you can eat it, we can grind it

When it comes to milling, use your imagination—we won’t stop you. We can mill any of our ingredients to your exact specifications.

Mystified by milling? No problem.

Not sure of the mesh size you need? Let us help. Our resident chef, Blake, will work with you and our milling team to recommend the perfect plan based on your needs.

What can we do for you?

Any ingredient. Any spec. Any location. When you work with us, anything is possible. Contact us today to discuss your specialty food needs.